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but I want to tell you about something called the...

Ultimate Gunfight Training Shortcut

It's a chance to Get Personally Coached
By The World’s Top Neurology Based Firearms Instructor…

So You Can Shoot With Deadly Speed and Accuracy In 

Real World Gunfights AUTOMATICALLY Every Time!

This is for a rare breed of shooters want a premium training experience and individual attention.  

It's not for everyone.

100% of your Praxis purchase will apply towards this training.

Group sizes are small and availability is extremely limited.  The next class starts December 20th.

Here’s What You Get:

8 Weeks of Group Coaching 2x / week on Zoom with Ox
30 minute 1-on-1 consult to review your gunfight practice video or address other neurological opportunities
‘Hotseats’ with Ox to critique and assess your challenges
Q&A each and every session to answer YOUR personal questions
Membership access to all recorded coaching sessions
Proven ‘brain hacks’ guaranteed to boost speed, accuracy, and performance by a massive 20% in just 5  minutes
Skyrocket your ability to make split second ‘shoot/don’t shoot decisions by up to 400%
Save thousands of dollars on ammo, travel, lodging.
Master the real world gunfight attack factors
Hardwire your brain for peak speed and accuracy
9 proven keys to accelerate performance under stress
3 critical “neuro triggers” of elite performance
The Fool Proof Dry Fire Drill Sequence

Let’s Get Started

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